Brief Welcome Note

WELCOME! !مرحبا بكم

Like many other blogs this one has a theme. Unlike any other website, this one’s theme is too specific to narrow down. But, I’ll try, anyway.

Second Chances: As a great friend of mine would say “what does that even mean?” How do we know we’ve been given them? Who gives them? Who gets them? Who deserves them? Why are they given out? What are they meant to do to the receiver and the giver? Why should they be given to the receiver? How many is too many? How many people in the world think they are the only one who has seemingly been given an infinite number of second chances?

Coptic Christian perspective – Basic talk: A belief in God necessarily means a belief in the power of another over oneself. *sigh release* Earth shattering, yes, I know. A belief in such power also means that nobody in the world can possibly sit there and count the number of second chances received and feel good about himself or herself. Not possible; not with a conscience it aint. The prospect also for a Christian to firmly believe he or she has not been awarded a second chance at some point in life is, as my friend would also say, “seriously questionable.”

Real Talk: This forum is dedicated to the unknown. Really? Yes, really. A second chance may seem like a gift to many on the surface, but reading a bit deeper into the situation, it could also be a trap, depending on the person bestowing it. A person with an insatiable hunger for control may feel like he/she is constantly having to bestow second chances upon people who can never measure up to a certain expectation stemming from their own pride or ambition. Another might feel like it is less important to feel the need to give a second chance and rather more important to ask for them, in humility and for self-correction.

Since I’ll “never get a second chance to make a first impression,” I sure hope I’ve got that small part of your brain that people keep saying we have but we never use (not a doctor, don’t even know if it’s true).

Let’s do this,


A second chance is but a mere glimmer of light, one that can only be realized if appreciated and nurtured. – Socrates

If in the New Testament God spares us our terrible punishment here on earth and gives us a chance to repent, how much worse will our punishment be in eternity if we do not use our second chance wisely?” – saying approved by H.G. Bishop Youseff


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